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Tree Top “Cool.” from Smile on Vimeo.

Powerade “The Everyday Race.” from Smile on Vimeo.

Radiolab “Symmetry” from Smile on Vimeo.

“Losers” from Smile on Vimeo.

Volkswagen “Smiles” from Smile on Vimeo.

Radiolab “Words.” from Smile on Vimeo.


Everynone is a New York-based collective. They are Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante and Julius Metoyer. Friends from college days, their blending interests and creative instincts led to sharing ideas and art projects. Everynone was formed in 2008 with the belief that “three experiences are more potent than one.”

The team’s early work, including short films “Parabolas,” “Moments,” and “Four Corners of Health Insurance,” was commissioned by New York’s Radiolab and TV station HDNet. In August 2010 The Guggenheim Museum featured Everynone’s Radiolab short film “Words” as part of the YouTube Play creative showcase. “Words” was showcased as one of 25 films from 23,000 submissions. The other film in this series, “Symmetry” won the Grand Prize and Lyrical award at the 2012 Vimeo Awards.

Everynone works with actors and non-actors alike to capture life as it is, carefully framed and distilled. Their mission is to uncover the beauty in the mundane and everyday; to band the emotion and aesthetic around one simple core idea.

Since joining Epoch in 2011, Everynone has infused their unique film style with advertising, creating a number unforgettable spots for brands such as Tree Top, Prudential, and Powerade.

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