June 26, 2019

About the Center

The Emerson-Blanquerna Center for Global Communication (CGC) was created to advance the dynamic academic partnership between Emerson College and Blanquerna School fo Communication and International Relations in Barcelona, Spain by creating new opportunities for research and teaching collaborations between the two institutions.

The mission of the CGC is to foster collaborations in the field of global communication that develops education and research to promote critical thinking and ethical communication through International Relations, Political Communication, Strategic Diplomacy, Global Public Relations and Corporate Communication.

This mission is guided by five major objectives upon which the Center was founded:

-Develop innovative approaches to applied research

-Collaborate with professionals and organizations through teaching, special events, and publications

-Share best practices with businesses, government agencies, NGOs, and grassroots organizations

-Provide international networking opportunities for students and faculty

-Create sustainable public and private partnerships to serve as funding sources

Learn More: https://www.emerson.edu/school-communication/center-global-communication