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Conferència de Svend Davanger: Liberating your brain

El proper dilluns dia 18 de novembre ens visitarà el Dr. Svend Davanger del Institute of Basic Medical Science, the University of Oslo, Norway a les 9.30h a l’aula R3 (edifici de recerca). 

Farà una intervenció amb títol: Liberating your brain: How non-directive meditation may reduce stress, restore energy and stimulate creativity. Acem meditation, a Nordic non-directive meditation technique, induces deep relaxation and rest, while simultaneously stimulating the brain’s default mode network. This results in increased mind wandering during meditation, increased processing of memories and emotions, and easier access to creativity.

Una intervenció sobre la meditació i els seus efectes en el cervell. Presentarà la sessió la Sra. Eloisa Alonso, Consellera de l’agència Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Svend Davanger is a professor in neuroscience at the Institute of Basic Medical Science, the University of Oslo, Norway. He holds an MD and a PhD degree. He was a postdoc in Richard Scheller’s lab at Stanford University in California. He has about 70 publications (Web of Science) in scientific journals, most of them on the structure and molecular function of synapses in the brain. He has shown how proteins are involved in synaptic plasticity, in both health and brain disorders. Davanger has also been instrumental in several studies on brain activity during non-directive meditation, where he has shown that the default mode network is significantly activated during meditation practice. He has lectured and written extensively about the changing brain, as well as the brain under stress and during meditation. Davanger is an experienced lecturer and author on topics like the changing brain, the stressed brain and the brain on meditation, for a non-scientific audience. He is an editor of the commentary periodical Dyade and has contributed to two popular science books on meditation: “Fighting Stress” and “The Power of the Wandering Mind”. He is also an experienced meditation instructor.



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