Twenty-five years of training committed professionals

The XXVI Blanquerna Days celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Faculty, showing the training path of professionals in international relations and communication (in three different fields: advertising, public relations and marketing, journalism and corporate communication, audiovisual communication) over the last quarter of a century. 

From this point of view, a reflection is proposed on the transformations that have taken place during these years in communication and international relations, and the future prospects that can be opened up.  It includes a wide repertoire of topics, such as the impact of the internet and social media on communication; the progressive importance of humour in social and political criticism; the challenge posed by the digital era or the transformations of the international agenda with issues such as the climate crisis. Even from a more global perspective, what role do communication or international relations play in the shaping of democracy. 

Reaping the benefits of the teaching efforts, there is a widespread involvement, as guests, from professionals who graduated from the Faculty and are part of the community of former students, the Alumni, and with whom we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Faculty. They will provide us with a closer view focused on the evolution of the Faculty during this last quarter of a century through the alumni of the different degree programmes, who will debate the accumulated knowledge that education at Blanquerna has given them, both to take on professional challenges and to influence their social connections.

This year, the Blanquerna Days follow the format implemented three years ago and dedicate the first two days to first-year students in all degrees. The third day, organized by different Degrees (Audiovisual Communication; Journalism and Corporate Communication; Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing; International Relations; and the new incorporation of the Degree in Global Communication Management), is open to all students of the Faculty. During the 25th anniversary celebration with the Alumni community, the traditional Blanquerna Awards will be held: the Best Communicator of the Year Award, voted by students, professors and PAS; and the Extraordinary Award granted by the Faculty.