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Award for the Best Communicator

1994   The collective of Algerian journalists

1995   The team from the “30 minuts” TV programme

1996   The team from the “Terrat” of the “La cosa nostra” TV programme

1997   The team from “Las Noticias de la 2” news programme

1998   The team from “Caiga quien Caiga” TV programme

1999   The team from “Las noticias del Guiñol” TV programme

2000   Gemma Nierga, journalist

2001   Julio Medem, cinema director

2002   “Nunca Máis” Platform

2003   Mónica Terribas and the team from “La nit al dia”

2004   The team from Silenci” TV programme

2005   Juan Campmany, DDB-Espanya agency

2006   The team from “Polònia” TV programme

2007   YouTube Platform

2008   Electoral Campaign for Barack Obama

2009   The “Alguna Pregunta Més?” TV programme

2010   The team from “WikiLeaks”

2011   Jordi Évole for the “Salvados” TV programme

2012   Ana Pastor, journalist

2013   “El Intermedio” TV programme

2014   “Ciutat Morta” documentary

2015   The information services of TV3 and canal 3/24

2016   The communication campaign of “Casa nostra, casa vostra”

2017   Patricia Plaja i Marc Homedes

Blanquerna Special Award

2003   Joaquín Soler Serrano

2004   José Couso and the reporting team from Tele 5

2005   Pilar Manjón, president of the association of victims of 11-M.

2006   El Ciervo Magazine

2007   Carles Sentís, journalist

2009   Roberto Saviano

2010   Josep M. Benet i Jornet

2011   Julián Bravo, president of l’Academia de la Publicidad (Academy of Publicity)

2012   Héctor Borrat, sociologist and journalist

2013   John Carlin, journalist and writer

2014   Marc Marginedas and the warzone journalist collective

2015   Dr. Miquel Tresserras, founding dean of the School

2016   David Simon, journalist, writer and scriptwriter