In communication, international relations, public sector management

The Blanquerna Conferences, which the School of Communication and International Relations (FCRI) of the Ramon Llull University has organized since 1995, were created with the goal of bringing students closer to the professional world through conferences, round table discussions and debates in which important individuals from the academic, business or institutional worlds would take part. Since then, more than a thousand guests have collaborated in the education of our students by showing them the reality of the world of communication.

This year, the Conference follows the format implemented two years ago, and the first two days are orientated towards first-year students of all degrees. The third day, organized by different degrees (Audiovisual Communication; Journalism and Corporate Communication; Advertising; Public Relations and Marketing; International Relations; and the incorporation of the new degree in Global Communication Management), is open to all the students of the school.

Women are here, but how?

On its twenty-fifth anniversary, this year the conference focuses on the presence of women in communication, international relations and public sector management. It is clear that we are here, yes, but ... how are we? That is to say, what limits and constraints are there to achieving equality with men, and how can we combat gender discrimination in these different fields. And, furthermore, what contribution do we make? Are we are able to launch a new vision that, overcoming androcentrism, sexism and patriarchal jealousy, opens society up to other ways: neighbourlyness, tolerance, diversity management.

Harvesting the fruits of our teaching, there is a high level of guest participation from professionals who have graduated from the School and form part of the Alumni, the community of former students. During the course of the XXV Blanquerna Conferences, the traditional Blanquerna awards will be presented including the award for the best communicator, voted by the students, teachers and staff; and the special prize awarded by the school.