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9:30 – Auditorium 
Music and politics 
El Niño de Elche 
Moderator: Jordi Turtós (Journalist and music critic) 

11:00 – Auditorium 
The far-right today: a journalistic perspective 
Oriol March (Nació Digital and alumni), Núria Vila (Ara and alumni) and Xesco Reverter (TV3 and alumni) 
Moderator: Xavier Casals (FCRIB) 

11:00 – Classroom 202
Liberty in the supersociety
Mauro Magatti and Chiara Giaccardi (Catholic University of Milan)
Moderator: Verónica Israel (FCRIB)

(In English)

11:00 – Classroom 201
Communicating uncertainty about facts and numbers in uncertain times
Anne Marthe van Der Bles (Knowledge Center for War, Persecution and Violence, ARQ National Psychotrauma Center)
Introduced by Antoni Castells-Talens (FCRIB)
(In English)


12:30 – Classroom 201
Indigenous peoples, minorities and climate change (canceled)
Joshua Castellino (Director Minority Rights Group International)
Moderator: Gabriela Carrera (Climate Change Consultant)
Commentator: Eulàlia Craus (FCRIB)
(In English)

12.30 – Classroom 202
Inform or run away: journalism persecuted in Colombia and Nicaragua
Andrea Aldana (Journalist from Colombia) and José Denis Cruz (Journalist from Nicaragua)
Moderator: Joan Maria Clavaguera (FCRIB)

14:00 – Cafeteria
Musical performance
Dictionary (Damon Coleman and Ignacio García, 1st-year IR students)
Introduced by Andrea Daza

15:00 – Auditorium
Economic degrowth
Carlos Taibo (UAM)
Introduced by Xavi Martí (FCRIB)

15:00 – Classroom 201
Care and grow in fragility
Miriam Feu (Head of the Department “Anàlisi Social i Incidència” at Càritas) and Cristina Savin (Casal dels Infants and alumni)
Moderator: Jordi Sànchez (FCRIB)

16:30 – Classroom 202
Music and uncertainty
Film forum and screening “Maldita. A Love Song to Sarajevo” (Goya Award 2023-Best Documentary Short Film)
Ivan Zahínos (Medicus Mundi)
Introduced by Sashka Krtolica (FCRIB)

16:30-17:30 – TV & Film studio 1
Play: Address Unknown
(Adaptation of the novel “Address Unknown”, by Kressman Taylor)
Actors: Josep Maria Roviralta and David Serrano (FCRIB)
Cello: Martín Cáceres

18:00 – Auditorium
Presentation of the Blanquerna Awards and Alumni Ambassadors