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9:30 – Auditorium 
Ukraine: one war, two worlds 
Lluís Caelles (TV3), Garcia-Planas (La Vanguardia) and Anna Surinyach (5W) 
Moderator: Montserrat Arbós (FCRIB) 

9:30 – Classroom 201 
The privatisation of suffering: DSM disorders and the mental health crisis 
James Barnes (Psychotherapist) 
Introduced by Miguel Franquet (FCRIB) 
(In English) 

9:30 – Classroom 202
Democracy and algorithms
Karma Peiró interviewed by Joan Carreras (FCRIB)

11:00 – Classroom 201
Conflict resolution and cultural heritage
Cornelius Holtorf (UNESCO Cultural Heritage-University Linnaeus)
Introduced by Lurdes Vidal (FCRIB)
Commentator: Roger Negredo (FCRIB)
(In English)

11:00 – Classroom 202
Brands with a cause: from bla, bla, bla to cha, cha, cha
La Casa de Carlota:  Joan Teixidó (Creative Director) and Ona Anadón (Account Executive and alumni)
Moderator: Sashka Krtolica (FCRIB)

12:30 – Auditorium
From videogames to TV fiction: “The Last of Us” and other apocalyptic futures
Raquel Crisóstomo (Expert in TV series) and Antonio José Navarro (Film critic and historian)
Moderator: Lluís Anyó (FCRIB)

12:30 – Aula 201
Communicating in times of uncertainty
Francesc Miralles (Writer)
Moderator: Eva Miller (Alumni GCM)
(In English)

14:00 – Cafeteria
Musical performance
Carla Coleto and Guillem Parra (3rd-year Aud. Com. students)
Introduced by Andrea Daza

14:30-16:30 – Auditorium
Screening of short films by the students of the Audiovisual Communication Degree program
Chaired: Jaume Benet (FCRIB)

15.00 – Classroom 102
Feminism and violence
Pilar Medina-Bravo (UPF) and Mara Martínez (Anthropologist)
Moderator: Verónica Israel (FCRIB)

16:30 – Classroom 202
Artificial Intelligence and Media: where are we and where are we heading?
Alberto Alejo (Engineering CCMA), David Corral (RTVE) and Patrícia Ventura (Expert in Ethics)
Moderator: Susana Pérez (FCRIB)

16:30 – Classroom 201
Certainty and Uncertainty in the Metaverse
Beatriz Martín Valcárcel (Chief Digital Officer-BBDO)
Introduced by Josep Maria Picola (FCRIB)