‘Africa, center stage of a changing reality’: a monograph on African challenges for the Revista IDEES

The monograph titled ‘Africa, center stage of a changing reality’, was coordinated by GLOBALCODES (Oscar Mateos) in the last months, in a joint collaboration with the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) of Abuja (Nigeria) and its director, Idayat Hassan.

The monograph was presented in February 2022 at an event organised by the Government of Catalonia in Brussels on the occasion of the EU-AU summit. Below you will find all the articles of the monograph ‘Africa, centre stage of a changing reality’ published by the IDEES magazine of the Centre de Temes Contemporanis de Catalunya (CETC).


Africa, center stage of a changing reality. Oscar Mateos, Manuel Manonelles
Democracy, political protest and transitions
«In Nigeria, disinformation is driving dissent and threatening national cohesion». Interview with Idayat Hassan
How does Democracy in Africa look after 30 years?. Nic Cheeseman
«The process of democratic deceleration in Africa has been accompanied by a complex of discontents». Interview with Adebayo Olukoshi
The Ethiopia of Abiy Ahmed and the Pending Transition. Elsa Aimé González
Women in South African Politics. Amanda Gouws
Geopolitics and regional integration
The African Union’s 20th anniversary: a celebration with plenty of work ahead. Liesl Louw-Vaudran
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in the Context of COVID-19. Ainhoa Marín Egoscozábal
China’s impact on the political economy of Africa in the 21st century. Artur Colom Jaén
The other Africa: overlapping rivalities in the Maghreb. Eduard Soler i Lecha
Assessing Africa-Europe relations in the post-Cotonou horizon: (I) The Europe Africa needs in the 21st century. Nicolás Berlanga Martínez;
Assessing Africa-Europe relations in the post-Cotonou horizon: (II) What is Africa asking from the European Union?. Viviane Ogou Corbi
Lessons learnt and challenges ahead after the COVID-19 pandemic
Africa after COVID-19: insights from popular epidemiology. Albert Roca
Conflict, peace and security challenges
Sahel: from “liberal peace” to “military peace”. Iván Navarro Millán
«Military solutions alone would not effectively respond to violent extremist challenges». Interview with Fonteh Akum
A not so global war on terror? International engagement and the Boko Haram conflict. Vincent Foucher
Demography, urbanisation and mobility
The Making of African Megacities: a case of Lagos, Nigeria Maryam Abass
Myths, perspectives and debates on Africa’s demographic challenge Chukwuma Chinye
Southern Africa: Between the “South African Land of Opportunity” and Survival Carla Fibla García-Sala
Economic prospects and digital challenges
Artificial Intelligence and health technologies in Africa Youssef Travaly
Catalan companies in sub-Saharan Africa Joan Romero Circuns
Green transition and sustainability
Climate emergency in the Sahel: desertification and more migration? Oriol Puig Cepero
African culture and its projection in the world
The Role of Urban Music in Social Change: The Revolution May Be Rapped Carlos Bajo Erro
Kenya’s untold histories take centre stage
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