Internal seminars are organized to discuss research papers or any other academic contribution from Globalcodes members

April, 2019

Aleida Giralte

Mujer rural. Una aproximación a la realidad de las mujeres campesinas de la ciudad de Inhambane

March, 2019

Mercè Kirchner Baliu

A PhD in the making: Unity and diversity in the European construction process, finding bridges

Albert Caramés Boada

Participatory diagnosis for the prevention of all forms of violent extremism: the case of Pankisi Valley (Georgia)

June, 2018

Manuel Herrera

“How did China, Russia and the United States perception of the EU’ status as a security provider changed as a result of its role during the Iranian nuclear negotiations?”

May, 2018

Andreu Solà and Oscar Mateos

“Who owns the peace? Enforcement, negotiation and confrontation in peacebuilding processes”.

April 12, 2018

Nadia Ferrer, Phd University of Bradford and GLOBALCODES member

“Rethinking Social (Movement) Theory through Autoethnographic research. A cartography of differences,practices and knowledges in urban resistances of Barcelona”

March, 2018

Claudia Saba

“An Assessment of Internet Penetration in the Arab World and Possibilities for Social Transformation”

Jordi Serra

“Understanding Change: from Futures to Postnormal Times”

December, 2017

Farid Benavides

“La doctrina de la Guerra Justa y las Nuevas Guerras”

 Xavier Martí

“La globalització de l’economia israelí i la tranformació del conflicte israelo-palestí”

Jordi Calvo

“Impacte de l’armamentisme i militarisme en els conflictes i la seguretat”