Neuroscience and Advertising: the new frontier of persuasion


Cristina de Balanzó y Joan Sabaté

McCann Worldgroup, Global Growth Site network articles
Document corporatiu internacional, Juny 2007

The new discoveries concerning the working of the human brain which have been generated by neuro-scientific research, as well as their strict medical application, have also meant new possibilities for applications in other disciplines, among them economics and marketing. It is already clear that between these disciplines, conceptually very distant in principle, some points of contact have been established which would have been unimaginable until very recently. In the case we are presenting,the existence of a new boundary between the neuro-sciences and marketing – and, therefore, advertising – is establishing new scenarios both for research and for the advertising profession.

The existence of new hybrid disciplines like neuro-economics and neuro-marketing leaves us with no option but to ask ourselves what effect they will have on market and consumer knowledge. The more than likely development of this research on the human brain will open new possibilities in the field of consumer surveys (qualitative research) and their application in marketing and advertising and, more specifically, it could influence both the development of advertising strategies and advertising creativity, with the aim of increasing its efficiency. Does this mean a step toward a “commercial and communicative neuro-determinism” which would expand the borders of business communication? This paper offers a theoretical reflection on some of the advances achieved and on their academic, professional and ethical repercussions.

Neuroscience Advertising

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