RISECI kick off meeting in Barcelona


The RISECI project starts in Barcelona. Universities and institutes in Catalonia, Scotland, Slovenia and Sweden are taking part in a research project on ‘Religion in the Shaping of European Cultural Identity’ (RISECI). Joint-funded by the European Union, the RISECI project aims to explore how religion makes a positive contribution to the construction of European identity. Over the next two years, the various partners in the RISECI project will be organising workshops, exhibitions and academic events exploring the themes of identity, religion and culture in Europe. The workshop in Edinburgh, which will tie in with our Peacebuilding Through Media Arts project, will take place in October 2013.

The project is being led by Professor Miriam Diez Bosch (PhD) of the Blanquerna Observatory of Media, Culture and Religion, at the Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona. The other participating institutions are the Sigtuna Foundation, based near Stockholm, and the Slovene Museum of Christianity, based near Ljubliana.

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